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As a freshman at Southern Illinois University, Nic was at one of his lecture hall classes and sat next to a fellow student who asked the usual questions:  "Where are you from?" "What did you do in High School?"  When Nic mentioned he had participated in speech tournaments and took a couple of ranking medals in radio speaking, the fellow student immediately said... "You should come to the student radio station and audition".  It turns out the student was an active participant at the station himself.  Nic auditioned and not long after that, he had regular air-shifts (Reading news, listening to unending hours of classical music, taking transmitter meter readings every half hour and tried his best to pronounce those exotic foreign composer names!) on WSIU.  Soon after, he was hired at the privately-owned AM/FM station in Carbondale, WCIL, to do a two-hour pop music show at night.  (The only one in Southern Illinois at the time!) This eventually was expanded to six hours and, later, became the main format of the station.


Upon graduation, Nic had over three years of professional radio experience behind him and, after a brief stop-over in Rockford and (Very briefly) Kenosha, he got the call he had been waiting for from Chicago!  Nic spent the next fifteen years working for Chicago FM stations owned by CBS, NBC and ABC. 


Known in Rockford as Nic Scott and later as Nic St.John in Chicago, he honed his voice-over craft while producing commercials and listening to (and learning from)
some of the best VO talent and producers in the nation.



Nic now lives with his wife Patty, son Nico and pet Beagle, Beatrice in Southwest suburban Chicago.  His high-quality, Internet-connected, in-home digital audio studio affords him great flexibility in providing timely, high-quality voice services across the nation and worldwide. (Europe, India and more)






Nic Cipriani (St.John): An experienced Chicago-based voice actor.  Chicago voiceover.  Chicago Voice Talent. Chicago voice-over